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Lit Kids™ is a creative play and literacy studio for children of all ages.

We designed a safe and nurturing space for learners to explore their world, create from their imagination, discover meaningful connections, express their ideas & develop their full potential.

We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded with what to do, how to do it, and what it should look like when we’re done. Many schools and activities leave little room for imagination, inspired action, or individual expression.

Our mission is to evoke the creative brilliance and Divine spark that exists within all of us.

At Lit Kids, we use a Reggio-Inspired Approach and the Intuitive Learning Model which sets the intention for learners to show up to the space, listen to their inner voice, and be allowed to explore the environment, materials, and space as they feel guided to do so.

Come explore with us!


View our workshops below based on your child’s age.


> Preschoolers <

Your child has a world of exciting things to explore and learn! Our small group workshops give our youngest learners room to create, to be heard, and to fulfill their potential.

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Grades K – 5

> Grades K – 5 <

Elementary aged children are bursting with ideas and ambition! Our workshops will ignite those creative sparks and nurture their growth as creators and future leaders.

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Tweens, Teens and Beyond

> Tweens, Teens and Beyond <

Young adulthood can be a confusing time. Our workshops give students the tools they need to explore their interests and confidently express their  thoughts, ideas, and emotions.

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